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What does Full Card Reports Provide?

Daily Horse Racing Reports
Full Card Reports - Horse Racing Product Features

  • Detailed Power Rating Reports For All Racetracks
  • Ultimate In-Depth Handicapper Analysis For All Racetracks
  • Full Card Full Race Comments For All Racetracks
  • Top Rated Expert Selections For All Racetracks
  • Pace, Speed, Class & Form Ratings For All Racetracks
  • Top Rated Longshots For All Racetracks
  • Top Rated Best Bets For All Racetracks
  • High Percentage Spot Plays For All Racetracks
  • True Odds & Strong Overlays For All Racetracks
  • Subscribers Get Unlimited Access To All Reports, For All Races At All Tracks In U.S. & Canada

Who uses Full Card Reports?

Daily Full Card Horse Racing
Reports Benefit All Types Of Horseplayers

Daily Horse Racing Reports produced by Full Card Reports benefit every type of horseplayers! "The Reports" are very beneficial to all types of handicappers, experienced horseplayers, the casual fan and at any and all skill levels:
  • Novice players use Full Card Reports. As a novice horseplayer you will feel comfortable as you learn more, gain experience and cash your bets frequently.
  • Experienced players use Full Card Reports. As an experienced horseplayer you will really be able to sink your teeth into all the great information that will be at your fingertips to make a long time profit.
  • "Once in a while" players use Full Card Reports. The "once in a while" horseplayer feels comfortable in knowing he can jump in at anytime and never skip a beat.
  • "Weekend warriors" use Full Card Reports. Weekend Warrior handicappers look forward to every weekend so they can use "The Reports" and catch consistent winners plus a profit every weekend.
  • Daily horseplayers use Full Card Reports. Daily horse racing handicappers get anything and everything they want and need to make a steady profit. They wager daily and some come up with their own "systems" for using "The Reports" to make that profit.
  • Professional horseplayers use Full Card Reports. Professional horseplayers know that overlays are the key to their success and they find plenty of overlay opportunities daily to keep the bankroll growing.

What are the benefits of being a Full Card Reports Subscriber?

Discover The Benefits Of Being A Subscriber Of The Ultimate Horse Racing Service Online!

     Our product is an unlimited access subscription to our proven service. As a valued subscriber you will have access to:
  • In-depth and unique daily horse racing reports that will enable you to make more money as a horseplayer or handicapper at all tracks.
  • Exceptional handicapping information that many horseplayers can't even gain access to anywhere else thus giving you a distinct advantage at all tracks.
  • Reports produced in a style with the focus on making you long term profit at any racetrack or off-track simulcast facility.
  • A product that is over 10 years in the making, improving and perfecting for you. (We started to develop our reports for the internet in 1996)
     You can discover the benefits of being a valued subscriber inside the member area of our proven service. Subscribe now and you will improve your game as a horseplayer using:
  • Detailed expert selections that will give you confidence in your wagers for all tracks in the U.S and Canada.
  • In-depth handicapper analysis that will enable you to get an accurate read on every race at every track.
  • Jam-packed handicapping reports that provide you with specialized information on every race at every track thus giving you an advantage.
  • Pace ratings, speed ratings, class ratings, form numbers, workout points and power ratings to help you focus on cashing more bets at any tracks.
  • Colorful profit icons and angles that you can use so that you will keep an edge on the rest of the betting public and, you guessed it, we cover all racetracks!
  • Plus much, much more!

How much does it cost?

A Full Card Reports Subscription Offers Tremendous Value For You

Subscribe to FullCardReports.Com now and gain access to all of our detailed, unique and information packed reports for just $27.95 per month. This gets you unlimited access!

When can I join and can I cancel the subscription?

You can subscribe at any day of the month and still get full month access. You can remain a subscriber for as long as you wish and you can cancel your subscription at any time. To cancel your subscription please follow the instructions on Pay Pal or call them directly.

Why do you charge only $27.95?

Most horseplayers are intelligent people so we know that you know we could charge more for our service but we don't! The reason we keep the $27.95 monthly unlimited subscription rate low is so that anyone and everyone can enjoy the benefits of being a subscriber.
Click here to experience the difference and get started on the right path to profit.

Is there anything else I should know?

Priced at just $27.95 per month, a Full Card Reports subscription offers you extreme value on the internet and can only be obtained on the internet (exclusively). We welcome you to become a part of our profitable community via safe & secure online purchase ....Guaranteed! Click here for instant access!

What do I need to do to subscribe?

We accept VISA - MASTER CARD - AMERICAN EXPRESS - DISCOVER CARD - ONLINE CHECK and we use Paypal as our safe and secure payment processor. Using Paypal's secure server your personal info is encrypted from the time it leaves your computer until the time it gets to Paypal. This means no hackers or anyone else can gain access to your personal info. Your online purchase is guaranteed safe and secure! Click here to subscribe and get instant access!

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