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Performance Power Ratings Reports
  • These ratings can range from 0.10 to 12.0 (the higher the better). For example a horse like the best in the world Curlin routinely runs from 11.0 to 11.5 in each of his starts.

  • The ratings take into account raw time, variant, pace and trip. For example horse "A" who ran 6f in 1:09.0 setting slow fractions and getting an easy trip on the rail would get a lower PERFORMANCE rating than horse "B" who also ran the same race, same variant, etc, the 6f in the same 1:09.0 but ran a very fast pace, had an outside or troubled trip, etc.

  • There is no "lengths equivalent" because pace of the race and trip are calculated.

  • It is best to look for a horse who routinely runs better performance figures than his competition and/or shows the best performance figure of the field. The exception being maiden races where a horse can improve dramatically from one race to the next. Also horses with just a few starts can improve greatly from one start to the next. You are encouraged to look for patterns at the tracks you play.

  • Just like any other figures or ratings, the horse with the highest ratings does not win every race. If only our world were so easy. Try using the reports to look for patterns.

  • This style of report is not good for everyone. Some of you will get a lot out of it and some of you won't. If whatever you are currently doing is working well for you then "don't fix what isn't broken".

  • If you decide to use this report and it begins to "frustrate" you then we suggest to go back to the other Full Card Reports you were using.

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