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The iProPace Report™

If you have any knowledge of pace handicapping you already know the profit potential.

Using an advanced pace report like the iProPace Report will help lead any horseplayer down the road to profit. For your convenience the horses in our reports are sorted from top to bottom in order of Full Card Report's power rating. Read and print the following report explanation. It's not a complicated report so any horseplayer can use it with success!:

RSS = RUNNING STYLE & EARLY SPEED POINTS. You can use the style and points in combination. These designations are not an exact science. For example - An "E8" horse will usually go to the front early however horses are not machines nor are they mathematical equations. It all depends on their form cycle, trip, post position, jockey skills, trainer strategy, jockey strategy, weather, track condition, etc. With that being said here is a more detailed explanation for RSS: E = Usually goes to the front early. EP = Usually goes to the near front or just off the pace. P = Usually sits off the pace in a "pressing" spot. S = Usually comes from off the pace with a "closer's" run style. The speed points go from 0 to 8 with an 8 being a horse that usually is on the lead early.

PRA = "THE PACE CALL" - Determines how fast of a pace each horse can keep. "The race within the race". It is based on different points of call depending on the distance of the race.

PRB = TOTAL PACE - This figure is good to use in route distance races (8.0 furlongs and longer) and turf races. This rating can also be used along with the *P* rating in races that go the tough distances of 7 to 7.5 furlongs

PRV = PACE RATING VALUE - This is considered an average pace figure. Different criteria is used for spints and routes.

*P* = PRESSURE PACE - This figure is good to use in sprint distance races up to 6.5 furlongs

PRSU = {PACE RATING STRENGTH USED} [this number the lower the better] This is the % of total strength the horse uses early in the race. The less % of strength he uses early, the more he will have left in the stretch.

SWC = {SPEED-WEIGHT-CLASS} Of the last 5 races, we take the 3 best races each horse ran and use that info to fit the criteria. This figure looks at speed rating, weight carried, form, class.... everything BUT pace. It gives this sheet some balance so that it is not 100% pace driven.

GRADE = This figure is the average of the SWC figure and the PRV figure with the PRV getting a 2 to 1 ratio advantage in the figure.

Also on this report you will find: each horse's last 3 finish positions {with most recent on the LEFT} and last 3 trip comments for each horse's last 3 starts.

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