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Thanks for the early Christmas present yesterday! Not only did I have Rico Sauve @ Gulfstream yesterday; but I also had Champion Eclipse in the first race at Turfway Park yesterday. That a Value Odds horse returned $133 in a seven horse field takes my breath away!

Mark Casey


You and your team rule! I hit the 6th at Fair Grounds today, just the way you said to play it. I am building my bank roll!

Thank you,
Josh Pryzbek

9th at Aqueduct
Listing to your video's and your thoughts on pedigree paid off big time for my team. 9th race a 8.5f on turf for 2yr olds. we key #2 as our single on all our tickets. had the best turf pedigree we catch the vo horse with best dist pedigree 2nd. here are our payoffs for the 3 of us. We bet our tickets very close to how you bet. $50.00 win pd $1368.75 $5.00 ex pd $ 3545 tri $ 1.00 pd $6535 sf pd .10cents $4310 dd $5.00 pd 858.00 pk3 $2.00 pd 2111.00 pk4 for .50c pd 8293.00 Total before taxes $27000.00 about all made possible by a little horse that had the best t-pedigree at odds of appox 55/1
also we had great days at Church Hill on Friday and Sunday. John thanks for all you do

Ed and team

Good morning John. Just wanted to let you know i had one of my best days ever yesterday at churchill. Keyed the top pick #13 in the 9th race. Hit 2 pick 3's, late pick 4(all 50 cent) exacta in the 9th and also the late triple. Just missed the dime super in the ninth(just too mant horses to cover) and would have easily hit the pick 6(if i had the gusts to play it. Collected over $5000 on the day. Not bad for a 50 cent pick 3/4, 10 cent superfecta player. Thanks again!!

Mark Guadagna

The first at Delaware Oct 18 in which Borderland won at 74.10 to1 while being rated at 3.5 to 1 is another prime example of why First Time Starters are the most lucrative bet of all. Other than Full Card Reports I could find just negative comments about Borderland- you obviously know something the other handicappers didn't- all that pedigree knowledge. Nice Call. Any first time starter going off at over triple true odds is the priority wager.


Monster hit in race 1 , John!!
Your prowess with firsters is unparalleled!!
Keep up the amazing work!!

Pete Colaninno

Sent from my iPad


I have no idea how you get these ratings, nor do I care. What a beautiful $50 horse, complete with an all "A" superfecta and trifecta. Also keyed P3/4 using your techniques. This horse ran just like the rating suggested. He ran once, a 4.5 furlong race where he ran last of 8. Nice workout points, huge mid and TTR advantage. He shot to the lead, repulsed a challenge, opened up turning for home and just lasted to the wire by a nose. Just a thrilling and awesome win. I love this product, keep p the awesome work.


Just thought I would drop you a note and let you know how much I love the FCR I have been a subscriber for about 1 month and I have learned so much from reading the info and watching the videos. I have made a profit this month. Keep up the fantastic work.


Just wanted to let you know, used your reports to qualify for NHCXIIII. Keep up the good work.

Ken Evans

John, just thought you would like to know.I played race 2 at BHP today for my first play. Was a MD. 20000 with 2 Value Odds horses #7 was 7/1 and #1 was 12/1 with one minute to post. I followed your advice and only bet the overlay at 10/1 or above. #1 paid26.60 to win. I am a win only bettor but paid for my 3 month subscription on my first play.
Thanks Richard

Hi John:

I am new to your reports, but so far I am astonished by the results. I had both winners at Gulfstream that you taught in your last video and I couldn’t believe it! Will this continue? Is this the way it always is? I sampled tracks all over the country and the winners kept coming in....

I enjoy watching your videos, so keep them coming. I have been a student of the game going on 40 years...have spent thousands of dollars on systems, methods, software etc., so believe me when I tell you the reports have saved me a lot of time and anguish trying to cash a good price winner. All I can say is please keep your service up. It is the best I have ever seen. And I wouldn’t publicize it too much to kill the prices.

Thanks again and look forward a future bright with big price winners and payoffs.

Chuck Ognibene


You are awesome! I am very encouraged from you and your work. Thank you for teaching me how to wager properly. You've made horse racing fun for me again!

Darrel Barrie

Hi John,

Great video on Monmouth. It really helped me understand how a horse who doesn't show much can really be a gem by the way a horse is placed in a race. You explained that very well and I must say that the way you calculate pace in your reports as well as other figures are brilliant. I don't think any other information out there is that good compared to the work you do and I won't look at any other information out there. Your reports do an excellent job for me.

Thanks much for your invaluable work, insight and personal help (AS YOU SAY) Good luck on all your wagers!!


Here I am sitting home, logged into twin spires .com & just “fishin” around for the right spot(really learning to do this more & more), I am one of those horse players that need the action but yet stay true to your teachings…..this e-mail is not really about the 55-1 I hit @ Mommouth yesterday(YAHOO!!) but about how consistant you are with your teachings…I am with you for over 2 yrs. now & I looked at my old notes I compiled over 2 yrs ago. You preached the “ODDS” & you still do…..& yesterday there was that elephant showing up again & I was all over it……thanks for yor consistency & do not ever think its repetitive because we horseplayers need that constant badgering ……especially if we want long term profit…….

Thanks again…..

George D.
Sewell N.J.

Hi John,

Greetings, forgive me for being a pain in the neck but I just had to tell you about Canterbury Park on Friday night race #2. I use your techniques to the letter and scored enough to be very happy. I played one track, one race, used your technique, now I can pay off all my credit cards.

Salute to you Sir



I've been at this game a long time and recently subscribed tp FCR. Have been watching a lot of the videos and getting used to the reports and info. Today hit the Value Odds horse at Arlington Park Race 8 for a $64.60 winner. I have been playing overlays for a long time. This is my bigest winner to date! Keep up the good work

Hi John,

First congratulations on TRIX in the City. I was on the beach at Ventnor N.J Sat. afternoon and I said to my wife I have to get to a Casino for the 8th race as that looked like a good potential overlay opportunity. Off to the Borgata we went and although I did not have all the wagers you always suggest I was very happy with a win and exacta bet. Made our Saturday. Watching the race I heard the punters around me shouting 5 and 8. I remained stoic watching Trix lead. Always wary of the leader getting engulfed in the last 100yds. So I restrained my excitement until I saw she cant be passed. Thanks to you I knew something that no one else in the Race parlor knew....



At simulcast yesterday (Borgata In A.C) ….guy next to me asks about my “cheat sheets”, I tell him the site & how much it cost….he says that’s interesting, how’s it do, I say “awesome” best thing since sliced bread…he says realiy….so, who does he like in the 8Th @ Saratoga he says…..i say the 1…..he looks at his racing form & says “no way”, “your nuts’……I say we’ll see……I go to the window bet the 1 to win & I wheeled the exacta…….. guess who cash tickets in that race, I did, he did not…..he shook his head & could not beleive it…… after that he wanted the site so I gave him your site ( )….you may be getting a new member……..anyway it was great & my bankroll is growing…….!!!!!!

………………KEEP IT UP, you’re the best!!!!!



just wanted to say thanks for having the 5th race at Hollywood on 7/17 winner on top at $138.80 wow is all I can say...I just joined for your 3 month plan last week....


Hey John,

Race 5 Hollywood PK....8000 pk. # 6 angle X,,,,opened up @ 45-1, did not hesitate @ 45-1 but went to 65-1....what a pk.....had $ bet, 1.00 exacta, 1.00 tri.(6 w 1,10 ,4,3 w all) .....$5499.00....down @ the Borgata a/c NJ....made my night........awsome job...thanks .




got onther one,yesterday at evangeline downs,the track of the long shots,i love playing this track,7th race on the night card was a 10,000 clm.your value horse was the #4,aunt kat kat,whent off at 8to 1 odds,then i found a bunus horse,in the race with the only horse getting weigh off,icon ----weight off-----the#8 horse,aubrey,s walk,off at 11to1, #5 horse was the big fav.,so i put $10 to win on the #8,then i boxed the 8&4,then i made a $2 partial tri wheel,84all,and 48 all,well the 8 horse,the only weight off horse wins easy,but the 5 horse the fav comes in 2th,and my 4 horse,are value horse comes in 3th,but i got very very lucky,john,there was a the was a claim of faul against the 5,thy took him down and out of the money,giveing me the ex,$392.80,qu,211.00,the win bet that paid $24,$10 on that profit of $120,and the tri,WOWWWWWW,it paid,$2,771.60,total profit of,$3495.40,thank you ,you are a master the way you put everything together,and with a little luck like i had,BINGO.THANKS AGAIN JOHN FOR YOUR INSIGHT,AND ANGLES,




thought i drop you a line,about the 8th race at belmont park,you had two value hores on top,this is what i did with them, $2partial tri,7w9all and 9w7all,tr w/all,i paid $880.00,next i put $10 to win on the 7&9 won $81,then whent 7all,and 9all and boxed 7&9,wwon them all,total profit for the 8th race at belmont sunday was, $1230.00 ====,thank you very much,you are the man,theres no better then you,

yours truly,
john nutile.


I was at Lone star Thursday with some of my racing buddies They are non believers in your product or any other so called tip sheet. Perhaps they believe now.

I had planned to play the video race but the signal from Belmont was lost for a couple of races which included race 6. Lost opportunity Totes were off line off for Belmont as well.

However the 1st race at Arlington was almost the same deal as the video.

I played the race just like you talk about. The value horse was even the top selection of the track handicapper and we still got a small over lay at 9.5 to 1 My friends thought I hit my head to play such a pick. win $ 105.00 Exacta $275.40 .50 tri $355.30 .10 super $349.65 dd $ 79.60 missed pick 3 total $1159.95 My friends then scream I was just lucky

The 8th race was something different The race was a 5f alw on turf. in the past I would not play these races but you said all races on turf are a preferred race. The value horse was going off at about 14-1 with (3) angles from new book However the 8 horse has (4) angles from new book going off at15-1 and a j/s to Cory Nakatani. The 5 was not in a or b. The 5 was the only one to have the $trainer icon and have +{ points in current form going off at 24-1. Being not being real sure of how to play the race I put all 3 in a $5 exacta box pd $1793.50

Now my friends believe -- they have seen the light.
The Bud Light.
Thanks again

Many props for your picks. Hit 5 of 6 in the Belmont pic6 today nearly COLD! not bad for a $4 ticket! Thanks again!

Rod Green's iPad


Tuesday's first race at Fort Erie, a Value odds top pic with pace and total, kicked off a $16,600 ONE dollar Pic4.. with two other value odd legs all in group A. NO tax in Canada!!



Belmont went sloppy yesterday…….it was a great opportunity to utilize the W/Wet icons on a 24-1 (Ruler on Ice) & 16-1 (Stay Thirsty)………Ruler had the best recent class by far & I used the top 4 picks & caught the 5 Brilliant Speed….. Huge Tri for Buck…….I would have never picked these horses if it weren’t for your reports……love it…..& Thanks

George Dominic

Dear John,

In May 2010 you wrote an article on Total & Recent Class. It showed Da' Tar the winner with Recent Class. The Wet Pedigree and Wet Track icon made for a nice exacta.

Thank your for the great information !!!

Dick Shaffer

had a couple of scores today at suffolk..race #5..BIG BINGO!!!..And Another Nice Score In The # 8 th Race..

thx for your hard work with the cards

much respect
bill surette

John Moore,

I was wondering if you have a copy of 36 PROVEN WINNING OVERLAY ANGLES, available to buy, or do i have to print them out ??? I was looking forward to buying a copy from fullcards that would be in a book form, instead of having a bunch of copies.

I also wanted to let you know what an Amazing thing you & Fullcardreports have !! I'm a true believer in your system, And i have had some very nice hits with your system.

on the first day of the Breeder's Cup last year on Friday, I put $145.00 in my betting Account, And after the last race I had $1,800.00 in My Account. On that Friday the (vo), Value Odds picks were coming in almost every race, But the Value odds horse that made my day was Shared Account, With E. Prado riding @ 45-1 !!!!!!

You Guys are Awesome,
Fullcardreports is My Bible to Horseracing, Keep up the great work...

Your Number 1 Fan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


thought you may want to know, as a new client, I took your advise, & used the sheets you recommed, and played a $0.50 pick 5 at Monmouth this afternoon, keyed the Value Odds & used 2 of your other top choices in each leg. Total investment of $8.00. Returned over $938 for $0.50 cents. Good start.

Hi John,

I want to drop you a short note to tell you I am very pleased with your Full Card Reports, etc. For the last ten to 20 years I have been very interested in pace and running style of horses and you address that quite well in your reports.

Recently a very good friend who started me in horse racing came out here to Las Vegas with another friend of mine to spend a few days with me. We handicapped and bet on the Kentucky Derby together and had a great time doing so.

He lives back east and where originally came from and I would like to get your permission to send him a copy of the Pimlico report for the Preakness. If you allow me to share the information for that day, I will email him a copy. If not, I will just discuss it with him on the telephone using my own opinions.

Thanks for giving me a good program again. I suscribed to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for the last 30 years and used to like it very much but I think it has changed its thinking re: handicapping information and I no longer find it as useful as your program.

Warren Denmon
A Satisfied Customer

Hi John:

As you can see, I have subscribed for a few years now. Excellent site. Love the way your system detects longshots; particularly some subtle pace advantages; which are not-so-subtle on the tote board!

Best Regards,
Gregg A. Germanos

Hi John,

Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for the excellent work you do with FCR which allowed me to recently win an online handicapping contest using FCR exclusively. The goal of the contest over 13 weeks was to pick 3 horses a contest day that would at the very least come in the money.

Mutuel total was also a factor. I was able to correctly select 33 ITM winners with only 3 running out. 2 of those were due, unfortunately, to the horse breaking down. the 3rd loss was a graded turf race where my selection was boxed in on the hedge and couldn't get out, just missing for show. Overall I was 33-3 and had the highest mutuel return!

Thank you John, FRC ROCKS!!!!

Tom Gregory

Hi John

I wont take up your time with this email but I just had to tell you how great your reports are.

I have been buying them for 6 months now,and the with the scores I have hit my friends,wife,and even the "INLAWS" have been thinking I am some kind of genius at picking the Horses.LOL.

WELL the cats out of the bag now. Playing the Mountain last night(04/05)my inlaws were over visiting my wife when I caught the 3rd race a $35.60 Horse with the per,tri,and a HUGE super.My father inlaw's comment "PURE LUCK".Well lighting struck twice when I caught the 8th,a $80.20 Horse with per and tri.(I dont play pic 3s or 4s).Well after a "How in the Hell you doing it"

I had to confess about the reports.They are now believers,OVERLAYS and a sound wagering program,(which I learned from your great videos) can be a helluva good time. Thanks Again John and all the best luck to you buddy.

Larry B

Keep up the “Great Job”. The reports are incredible when You understand how to use them.(Reading the articles, identifies a lot of sleeper points) As you note with your angles There are many other value horses based on your report evaluations.

Thank you,
Bob Gardener


I have been a member for a little over a year now and I just want to say thank you. I have hit horses for some huge payoffs but this last week has just been off the charts. Your "angle x" two days ago at Tampa Bay broke an old record for me with regards to an exacta payoff. Not since Rockamundo won the Arkansas Derby in 1992 had I had an exacta pay such a huge number until this week ... over $2300 dollars.

And then yesterday at Tampa again with "angle n" with the horse paying $141 and the exacta over $900. ( not the only horse I have cashed in on that has paid over $100 dollars mind you but, it is the confidence I have gained on how much I put down on these horses that makes this service all it is cracked up to be and so much more). So many horses over this past year have just blown me away on their payouts the list just goes on and on ... day in and day out.

I just wanted to send this to you to express my gratitude for all that you do and provide to your membership.

James Fenn


I just want to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication that you put into your work. I have been a member since May of this year, and have just recently been reaping the benefits. I fell in love with horse racing in 2006 after my father in law introduced it to me. Since then I have read every paper back book, watched TVG until I was blue in the face, and have used the Daily Racing Form with no real results. I have to say that I have learned more from your reports, videos, and emails in the short time that I have been a member than those books, and professionals on TV for the last 5 years. In November I finally got up the courage to sign up with TwinSpires and open an account.

I have a 5 year old and a set of twin boys, so making it to my local race track is virtually impossible. I have a job where I am up early and home usually by the time the call for first post at most tracks. After seeing all the videos and knowing that if I just followed your simple strategy, I believed I could fair much better than before. So after only 4 weeks on TwinSpires, I have increased my bankroll from $200 to almost $1,000 by just win betting, all thanks to your reports and hunting for overlays. Finally gone are the days of trying to wheel trifectas blindly, playing pick three's when I shouldn't, and show betting thinking that is going to get me anywhere. I can't thank you enough for what you do, you have made this game so much more enjoyable for me. I love putting in a wager with confidence and then watching the race unfold just like the report says it will.

Sorry to take up so much of your time, I know you are a busy man, but I just wanted you to know that you have another satisfied customer. I will bid you farewell now, for it is time to turn to Tampa Bay, and Calder for today and increase that bankroll even more. Thanks again, and as always good luck with all your wagers.

Charles Mills

Hi John,

Thanks for the information in your videos. It was very helpful. I put together some key factors or criteria to be able to play the conditional wager without watching every race. I don't know how you do it and God bless you for all the work you do but if I watch too many races it drains my brain so to speak. I will let you know how it works out when I test it. Until then keep up the great work, insights and for everything you do. Your dedication is phenomenal.

Thanks Joe

Hi John

Jim here from Ky. took your advise about evangline downs and it payed off. I hit the 5th race with the value odds horse and it was not bad at all. #5 paid 27.80 to win I had 20 dollars on it. I had the 2.00 exacta pd 364. and the tri for 1.00 it paid 304.20 I also had the super for a 1.00 and got back 1221.10. The biggest reason I bet this horse is the (ttr time it was way beyond anyone else's. I was sure it would get them at that point. Total(2167.30) not bad for a saturday night at the races. Again thanks for the videos that you put so much into they have helped me a lot. Use this if you like again thanks and keep up the good work. (Jim)

Wanted to say thanks, I was the lone Pick Six at Arlington today by supplementing my handicapping with the full card reports. The Pick Six paid $11,723 and I hit it on a $32 ticket thanks to the reports which gave me Mr. Vegas and Ruler of the Courts. I also hit the Pick five at Santa Rosa yesterday for $8627 thanks to the reports whcih gave me Summer Starlet in the last race. However, my best score using the reports was a Pick 5 I hit at Monmouth using the reports that paid $28,000 and every winner was either the first or second choice in the reports. The full card reports are by far the best handicapping tool I have ever come across, keep up the good work.

-Chad Calabria

Yes. I keep track of every days betting & results info & have for a year. Began with the final (?) criteria I am now using on April 1. Generally do not go this long without a win. Did have a similar cold spell in May (May 3 to May 14). This one in June has been from June 6 to June 18. Have picked several winners but they did not meet the 13-1 or higher to qualify with my strategy. I kept track of the wins & losses from 8-1, 9-1, 10-1, 11-1, 12-1, 13-1, 14-1 & 15-1. Settled on 13-1 as the best. (12-1 would be OK but I chose 13-1). Kept track of which position in Group A did the best for all those odds groups. Over 1000 races bet. Found that Group A, Position #3 hardly ever won, yet caused a lot of losses. Only do Group A, Positions #1 & #2 now.

Also, by watching your videos, have found that my winners in Group A, Positions #1 & #2, along with the Maiden claimers, Maiden Sp Wt, Turf vs Dirt, Value Odds Icon, Early Icon, late Icon, Par, Final Time & Total Icon, Track Condition (sloppy), non-winners, TTR & no more than 2 1st Time Starters give me the best chance of getting 3-5 overlay winners a month. (Where have you heard those qualifiers before?)

Did have 5 that qualified in April & 5 that qualified in May. So far have had 3 that qualified in June. Can extremely close to have 2 more winners for June a few days ago. (Sent you the email about that). Have 12 more days left in June & expect to get at least 1 more, hopefully 2. So far in 2 1/2 months am up net $9,000. Have not gone into the "red" so far.


Hi John

Jim here from Ky. I went to the track and I took 1 copy of your report f or churchill and I Was very patient because I always played every race and lost most of the time.

Your video's are very thougher and you are a good teacher. I have forty years of hitting and missing now I know its going to be different.

I never played a race until thr 7th and I bet 20/20 on #8 and got back 592.00 on the w/p bet. I also had the exacta and got 265.60. I also had the daily double it paid 244.00.

I am glad I came back to the reports and am learning to work with them.This isn't bad for less than a hundred dollars, like you said be patient and the winners will come.

Money managment is the key for me i've learned a lot and will continue to watch and learn. Thanks for letting me brag a little and the best to you.



Did You Get The VO $11,549 TRIFECTA at Charlestown Yesterday 4th Race, Using our Standard Strategy I DID, Got Over $12,000 Score.

Thanks Alot.... Dan

Good afternoon Mr Moore,

This is just some feedback concerning the addition of the new consensus report.

It is a great complementary addition to the reports and it's working very well. Horses with three to four top ratings have been popping up first or second all over the place.

Great work! Keep it and thank you; for a great product with excellent value for the money,and for letting me be part of this.

Lesly Lacombe


A quick story, for a slow Tuesday. I didn't get to the OTB until 7 and noticed we only got a few tracks even runnin PEN and DD.

I looked over Delta D's quick F-plus reports praying for something to jump off the page and well Race 2 did just that. #5 VO top pick true odds 2-1 and had my 4 favorite criteria when together---hot trainer, hot jockey, total pace, and the horse won 1 of his last 3 starts.

Needless to say the public let this goldmine go off at 13-1. Well, and here's the thing, I usually take $200 with me to the track and spread that around on all the live shots I get from your reports.

Today being so weak with choices I just put the whole $200 on #5 to win since I liked it so much and have come to trust your data. Bingo my friend. Paid 29.00 to win. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas.

Michael R. Chavez


I have been a member for 2 and a half months and I have studied And followed the reports diligently. The data supplied especially concerning Pace, form & class in the reports is amazing. It is consistent and reliable.

As you Have said there are many opportunities other than value odds, once you understand The reports. There are many profitable exacta’s triple’s and pick 3’s that involve these other Obvious overlays.

WHAT IS AMAZING, IS THE CONSISTENCY OF THE DATA, it works consistently Over the daily races. At some moment something will pop! It is reliable.

Your home track opens tomorrow, may it be a good meet. GREAT JOB AND KEEP THE REPORTS COMING!

North Palm Beach, Fl.

Hi John,

Want to update you on my progress, since I changed my strategy.

Since your suggestion to bet less, I have focused on sort of handicapping the top 5 picks using your longshot angles and I feel that I have improve 150%.

I bet very infrequently and only when I find a horse with a clear advantage in angles or something sort of pops out clearly from your reports.

My opinion of your work, which I feel is still the best in horse racing and without that information as you know I would be lost as what to bet.

An example of what I am doing is today's race #6 at Delaware Park. Horse #5 Queen Rolex going off at 9-1. I did not bet this horse because of the odds or even that it was a Value Odds horse but because the exotic longshot points was astonomiocal over the other horses.

That was my first focus then the other angles gave me more bullets as you put it.

Finally the odds to true odds told me to go ahead and bet it.

You understand that now I will not bet a horse unless one important factor sticks out like a sore thumb and is confirmed by other factors.

Pretty amazing don't you think and is really a testament to the power of your reports if used more selectively. Now I feel that I am having fun, less frustrated and making some money.
Thanks much

I hope your reports and yourself are around for a long time I appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm to help



I am a new subscriber. I just wagered best bets for the past 6 days. I noticed about a 33% win rate with an average 3.8 to 1 odds. Seems awfully good. My wagering is very conservative, and I had a gain of 26% of my wager amount.

Thanks again.
Rob Johnson

Dear John:

Your whole website at Full Card Reports is the best and most informative I've ever see anywhere.

Ken Steger


Thank you for awakening me to Proven Angle #30 a few videos ago. Started looking for it, especially in Group A, position #1. Caught it today in Race #3 at PHA (Five for Love). Placed a Conditional wager to WIN if it went off at 9-1 or greater, 1 minute before Post time. It went of at 25-1. Paid $53.60 to WIN. Pretty solid Angle!


Dear Manager:

Congratulations on adding you're new number icons to the full card reports; it is a great improvement on finding horses with special handicapping angles. I have used angle #11 for years and it has been extremely profitable adding a few special tightener rules.

A few years ago I started with a $10,000 bankroll and in thirteen months ran my bankroll up to over $115,000 betting all my selections to "win" only, the minimum bet was $50.00 and maxim bets were $300.00 per play.

I use a modified form of a percentage of my bankroll to adjust my bets every few days.

Keep the good work up on improving you're reports.


Just wanted to let you know I hit 3 big horses in group A in three different races. $43.00, $21.80, and $21.20. I only made win bets because I am growing my bankroll.

I signed up about a week ago. I am learning alot about choosing value horses. In the ninth race Calder on Sat. Aug. 29 Group A horses were #5(odds5/2) #4(odds4) #2(odds9/5) #6(odds17) Group B #1(odds6). There were no value odds horses in this race,but there was a horse with value. Guess who won? The #6 won paying $37.40

You guys are awesome. Please make a video of this race if you can . Keep up the good work. thank you,

Vonnail McCoy


I recently subscribed to your reports and I have to say I am impressed with the results that I have achieved in a short period of time.

I have been using them in conjunction with traditional PP's to come up with a consensus on which horse or horses I want to play in a given race or races.

Just in the last couple weeks I hit an 1,153 dollar pick 3 at Evangeline, and hit two pick 3's and a 10 cent superfecta yesterday at Saratoga.

Keep up the good work, and I will recommend your product to any horseplayers I know.

David Richert
Pittsburgh, PA

Hi John:

Just wanted to thank you for the hat & notebook...

Yesterday, I went to the casino here in Indy and was playing in the poker room - which has an OTB branch - and I wore my new hat. The guy next to me whom I have known for thirty years - and he's not a horse player - asked me if he could go in on a bet - so with about 2 minutes before Woodbine Race 8 - I said, "Dale - give me $20 - I got a 40-1 shot for us." He forked it over and I ran over and bet $40 to win on the #13.

We were both screaming so loud as the 13 came closing at the end to run down the 5 horse that all the action in the poker room came to a halt - and everybody converged on our table thinking some big poker hand had occured!

We collected $620 apiece (the odds went down to 30-1 in the last couple minutes) and YOU got a whole bunch of people interested in FCR!

As is often the case - the exacta was right there too: 13 - 5 and paid $426.80. Why didn't I box the $40 on the top two picks!!!

John Miles


First of all we would like to thank you on the great job you do for FULLCARD REPORTS. We just look forward to going to the track with confidence and our heads held high, and in the mean time,wacthing other people scratching their heads wondering how the long shots got away from them.

every time they ask us how we do it, and tell them "FULL CARD REPORTS" We love to use the Quick F reports and Lone icon reports. Thanks again for your great work!!

Your clients forever......................................Roger and Diane
San Antonio, Texas

Hi John,

I couldn't have done this one without you. I just won Delaware Park 2nd race, #7 Rob's Way. This was run exactly as your report said. There was nothing going in Group A, so I looked at Group B.

There it was Rob's Way 6 power points from the top, Weight off angle, Top total class, shares top mid pace, 2nd highest competitive purse level. The icing on the cake - back in 7 days from the last race.

This was a long race so I checked the run style and late pace. Your report told me this horse was going to close at the last minute since the late pace was not impressive and as I watched the race start off, the horse was in last for practically the whole race I was not the least worried because if this horse was going to go was at the last moment in the stretch.



Hello Sir!

Just want to thank you for your great reports. Today at Belmont Race# 7 I hit #4 horse with exacta, trifecta and 10cents super All together around $7500, Unfortunately in NY they take away 25% in tax if you win over $5000 So I received after tax around $5500. I can't complain, but that's $2000 dollars less. Do you believe it? And that's with OTB account, and internet wagering. I was very surprised how much money they take back. Anyway thank you again,

Sincerely, Vladimir


Just watched the video of the 8th race and the pick 3 video. WOW! You are to much. I am totally impressed and blown away. Keep up the great work. I’m learning something new on every video. You are a great teacher and I truly appreciated you sharing your knowledge.

Now if I could only start duplicating what I’m learning with confidence I’ll be doing good. I almost entered the 8th race #2 Syn N Carlysrose in the contest but ended up choosing A different horse at a different track that ended up scratched. Bummer

I’ll be watching this one again for sure.

Thank you again for all that you do,

Michael S


i just wanted to let you know since we emailed and you gave me advice i have not lost yet.i have been to the track 4 times since you advised me with my bankroll i should be betting no more then $4 a race. all i do now is bet 2 horses per race out of the 4 "A" horses and the top "B" horse i bet anything 8-1 or over. there is no stress im not chasing exactas trifectas a new man i enjoy the track again. the last 4 times i won $60, $125,$90, and $110 the easiest and least stressful i have ever had it at the track

thanks a million
rick bartell

Dear Mr. Moore,

I wanted to take the time to thank you for this Great service. Your reports have not only enhanced my handicapping, but increased my bankroll, as well. Even old timers at the track are now envious and curious as to how I am now cashing huge tickets. Since joining your service nearly a month ago, I have had more signers than all of last year. So thank you !!! And continue the great work !!!

David W. Freeman

"John, you are doing a great job. I have been a member for several years and please just keep on keeping on."

Thanks very much,
Bob Broadway

I have been a member for a while now and watch your videos every day you post them. Today I followed the current video to switch things up a little and have been slamming them home and they have only run about 5 races currently.

The best hit was the fourth at Delaware I used the 11 (VO in A group) with the rest of a&b the
rest for the tri and super well the winner pays $30

the perfecta pays 126
the tri pays 1059
and the super pays 3955

I now feel like Richard Dryfess in "Let it Ride"
Damn I am having a great day



good morning,

"first...thanks, i just had my best week ever at my OTB, no win over $400 but multiple exactas and tris that netted me $1,200. thanks to your info I might be able to turn a hobby into some retirement income ;-)"

les crown

"I have been a member for over five years maybe more. You have changed me from a lot of losing days and a few winning days, to a horse player who takes winnings out of my account regularly. In fact, your reports have allowed me to not only play the horses but I have also been able to own racehorses who run in the Mid Atlantic and New York area. I never could of done that without your reports. I still strive to improve my handicapping and money management skills. It's been a blast and a blessing to of learned from your reports."

Again, Thank you
Fran Drake


"Thank You for all you do. Your professionalism and personal attention to all the subscribers is refreshing and very, very appreciated. Your information has helped me to cash in on some tremendous plays--- intra or multi-race. The fact that you keep this service affordable is unbelievable but, again, very, very, very appreciated." Keep up the wonderful work!!

Annette Matejik

Hi John

"You are the best !!!!!!!!!!!! I've recommended many people to you..........I hope they subscribed............"


Over the last couple of weeks I've really been studying your value odds horses as per your videos. Yesterday at Hollywood Park it finally paid off and I'm really excited. I hit the winners on races 1 and 8 for a total win of $816.00. I also hit both exactasfor $327.40. Needles to say, I am elated.

Thanks so much and keep up the good work
John Hicks

i would just like to tell you how pleased i am with the service you provide. FCR is fantastic value for money. please keep up the good work,

yours thankfully
marcus watts (uk)

Hi. I just watched your video based mostly on the correct call of Vito Filitto in the ninth today at Churchill. I understand your main marketing point was the strength of your programming on horses that have never raced, but you really should have pointed out that Full Card Reports had four straight winners and five total on an eleven race card!!

I've written before that I subscribed to your service in preparation for a three day trip to Churchill, which is next weekend. In today's "practice session" even with my little bitty bank roll, I would have left the track up $262.60. This while wagering no more than $6 per race in all but one case, a $2 exacta I tried (and hit) because I was so far up.

Oh, that you would get that hot for me next Thursday, Friday and especially for Stephen Foster Handicap day on Saturday LOL! Regardless, congratulations on a well run and effective service. It makes me wish I lived in a state where playing the horses was legal.

Dave Hardin
Newton, NC


Great job as always, love the videos..

I have been betting horses for forty years, I find myself no longer betting few tracks all day.. Under your tutaledge I now comprise my day's, betting from a list of value odds horses from various tracks...Besides being more profitable, I find my self watching and waiting a lot more, which also helps the bottom line...

Love your philosphy and passion fort the sport. Even before Fullcard reports I learned to use to the toteboard to be my guiding light for value and handicapping was always secondary. Now with your reports u do all of the hard work... I guess I'm even getting spoiled for asking u to created report that would make even easier to seek out these value plays.

Fantastic job,
Sam S.

Good Morning Mr. John Moore!

I am a new subscriber to your website on Horseracing handicapping. I want to tell you your winning handicapping ANGLES are "Fantastic." I just started my subscription last month and looked it over for all of May and reviewed your great example videos on overlays. Yesterday for the Belmont Stakes I went to my local track her in Florida (Calder) and hit 4 "Value" overlay horses to win and even hit a couple of nice exactas. I was amazed at how well your winning handicaping angles and reports work on paper but in actual practice.

I have tried many other so called great handicapping systems and methods in the past with very little or no great success at all. However, yours is the Best I have come across. Well worth the low $27.97 monthly subscription. You 've got a member/subscriber for life. Thank you so much.


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