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"3-Step Bankroll Management Plan"
         Following this type of plan will ensure the player invests a higher percentage of bankroll on certain races and using certain strategies. And a lower percentage on others.

    This type of strategy will enable the player to focus on making a profit and prevent the dreaded "tap city". The structure of this very sound plan is split up into 3 steps.

  • #1. (PB) 4% of bankroll 20% of the time.

    (PB) stands for "Prime Bets".

    For example: If your bankroll is $400 then your prime bets will be $16 (4% of $400).

    Prime Bets will be made by the player in 2 out of every 10 races that are bet on average.

    Prime bets are the best plays of the day. They don't have to be a 4/5 shot that is "suppose to be" much the best. For example: A prime bet can be a win bet on a True Odds Overlay with true odds of 6/1 going off at 15/1


    a Spot Play Exacta paying $40


    a Top Pick or Best Overlay that looks solid, etc, etc.

    As mentioned in several other articles it is highly recommended that the player has a separate bankroll for win bets and exotics.

    Please Note: Every player should have a "win bets bankroll" first and foremost. If the player has a decent size overall bankroll it can be split up for win bets and exotics and each exotic type wager gets a bankroll.

    For example: A player has a $1000 overall bankroll. $400 of that becomes the win bets bankroll, $300 becomes the exacta bets bankroll and $300 becomes the pick 3 bankroll, etc.

    If the player does have a large enough overall bankroll to split, it is recommended that at least 40% of it becomes the "win bets bankroll". The rest can be divided into the exotic wagers that are desired most by the player.

    It has been proven by many experts over the decades that win bets are the most productive type of wager.

  • #2. (RB) 2% of bankroll 50% of the time.

    (RB) stands for "Regular Bets".

    For example: If your bankroll is $400 then your regular bets will be $8 (2% of $400).

    Regular Bets will be made by the player in 5 out of every 10 races on average.

    Regular bets are nothing special like prime bets but are still worth playing. They can be a win bet using the Conservative/Powerful Betting strategy strategy, etc.

  • #3. (AB) 1% of bankroll 30% of the time.

    (AB) stands for "Action Bets".

    For example: If your bankroll is $400 then your action bets will be $4 (1% of $400).

    Action Bets will be made by the player in 3 out of every 10 races on average.

    Action bets are basically bets just to have "action". Since many players only wager on the weekends or such, they don't like to pass a race.

    This is acceptable as long as a small percentage of bankroll is wagered on these races. It is ideal to actually pass certain races but many players simply choose not to.

      Summary: On a basic 10-race card the player will have 2 races for prime bets, 5 races for regular bets and 3 races for action bets.

      The player will become proficient in determining how to categorize each race with experience.

      Taking notes really helps to accomplish this. This 3-Step Bankroll Management Plan is conservative however this type of focus will enable the player to stay in the game and make a profit.

      If you have ever found yourself with empty pockets and having to take some time off from wagering you might seriously want to work this "conservative plan".

      If you are serious about making a profit this plan is also definitely for you!.

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