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Proven Winning Overlay Angle #25

Full Card Reports has gotten a lot of compliments over the years from subscribers on our Form Rating (CUR FRM) on the reports.

Full Card Reports' Form Rating is more of a predictor of form for today's race than a reflection of what the horse has done recently.

The angle to look for here is the horse with the highest Form Rating (ties count) and days since last race (LST RCE) are 21 or lower and has near post time odds of 8-1 or higher.

Our form ratings range from a negative 10 to a positive 10. They will look like this on the report (-8, -7, -6, etc for negative and 6, 7, 8, etc. for positive). Just like in the real world the positive numbers are better and higher than the negative numbers. EX: A form rating of 4 is higher, and better, than a form rating of -7.

If the horse's power rating is within 10 points of the top it's a nice bonus but not a qualifying factor. Lower days since last race is also a bonus (single digit days are great).

On the reports horses that have the icon qualify for this super overlay winning situation.

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View All 36 Proven Winning Angles FREE E-Book & Video

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